BRANDLEAGUE – Branding by IZAI AMORIM – Brands and brand names in Munich

Branding & Communications Consulting

What differentiates you from your competitors?
A strong Corporate Brand.

We advise companies and organizations that offer complex services and products. Their relationships with clients are long-term and based on mutual trust. We develop, position, and manage Corporate Brands for them.

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Brand Names

Brand Name = trigger for images and stories
The perfect brand name evokes the desired images, highlights the core messages, and triggers stories. In addition, it is beautiful, original, distinctive, easy to remember, and can be registered.

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Our Model

In the field of branding a lot of know-how is already available: a sound theoretical base as well as practical tools and techniques. But most of it relates to product branding. Corporate Branding for complex services is still a neglected field.

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Izai Amorim

Izai Amorim was born and raised in Brazil but spent most of his adult life abroad, in the U.S. and Germany. He is a trained civil engineer and architect and worked for several years in the profession for customers in Brazil, USA and Germany. But his passions are storytelling and languages. He writes in English about the interplay of media, information and politics in a globalized world, as well as identity and borders in our postmodern cultures.

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