BRANDLEAGUE – Branding by IZAI AMORIM – Brands and brand names in Munich

Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding is the development, positioning, and management of a brand for a company.

A brand is the result of a strategic decision. To differentiate the company from its competitors, the qualities that make it unique must be accentuated. By giving customers a precise idea of the company, the brand offers orientation and influences buying behavior.

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Names for Corporate & Product Brands

We create brand names – for both corporate and product brands – that:
• engage, inspire, and connect;
• evoke the desired images, highlight the core messages, and trigger stories;
• are beautiful, original, distinctive, easy to remember, and can be registered;
• facilitate market entry and brand management.

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Corporate Communications

The brand strategy defines the company's communication strategy and is the precondition for effective Corporate Communications. It must be credible and consistent.

With Corporate Communications we implement the positioning plan and manage the brand. Corporate Communications targets both internal (employees and managers) and external (customers, business partners, shareholders, etc.) audiences.

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Internal Communications

Internal Communications is a part of Corporate Communications. It is critical for the success of the brand strategy.

Employees and managers are the company's ambassadors to the world. To be properly motivated and to project a positive image of their company, they must understand and accept its business strategies.

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Corporate Design

Corporate Design is the sum of all visual elements of a brand: logo, colors, fonts, layout guidelines for publications, etc.

We create design products that emphasize your brand’s identity and communicate its messages – and at the same time are beautiful, of good taste, original, and professional.

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Brand protection
Brands are an investment in the future of a company. Therefore, we recommend our clients lay claim to and protect their property rights. The best way to do this is through trademark registration at the patent and trademark offices of the countries where the company does business. We work together with reputable law firms in Munich that can advise our clients on brand-protection matters

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