BRANDLEAGUE – Branding by IZAI AMORIM – Brands and brand names in Munich

Names for Corporate & Product Brands

We create brand names – for both corporate and product brands – that:
• engage, inspire, and connect;
• evoke the desired images, highlight the core messages, and trigger stories;
• are beautiful, original, distinctive, easy to remember, and can be registered;
• facilitate market entry and brand management.

Linguistically and culturally suitable
Markets have become global. Brand names suit different cultures. Brand names in English are not always the only or the appropriate answer. (“Nova” in English is the name of a star. It is suitable for a car until you try to sell it in Latin America. Because in Spanish “no va” means “does not go.”)

Izai Amorim is multilingual and has a rich cultural background. He makes sure that the names we create are linguistically and culturally appropriate.

Distinctive – also on the Internet
Brand names need domains. We create only names for which we can guarantee a domain registration.

Protection via trademark registration
The ultimate goal is the successful trademark registration with the Patent and Trademark Offices of the respective countries where the brand will operate. To achieve this, we work together with your patent attorney. If you do not one: We know reputable law firms in Munich that can help you.

Facilitates market entry and brand management
The suitable company or product brand name makes both market entry and brand management easier. Because brand management and sales are not conflicting tasks. Both share the same goal of generating revenues and profits.